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At BookmyBus we take care of all your bus hiring needs. When you use BookmyBus you only need to ask us for quotes, you don't need to contact bus operators directly for a quote. You don't need to waste precious time contacting various Bus Operators and explain what you want over and over again, only to then follow them up for a quotation. Simply tell us what you need and when you want to receive the quotations, we take care of all the hard work. Just sit back and we will deliver the quotations to you for you to pick the most appropriate Bus Operator for the job.


If you contact a bus company directly, BookmyBus will not be able to get you the best possible number of quotations. Simply enter the service you require and let us take care of the quotes for you.Get started now by clicking on the Request Quote button.


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The benefits for Customers include:

  • Free to Register and use
  • BookmyBus follows Government procurement guidelines and processes
  • Can customise any special vehicle requirements - i.e. seat belts, luggage capacity, etc
  • Can monitor customer ratings
  • Saves you money by getting competitive pricing
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Flexible date option to help you get a better price
  • Mapping integration so both customers and bus operators know the pick up and drop off locations
  • Tests the market every time you need a bus
  • Improved quality and performance information based on feedback from customers
  • Email integration
  • Multiple users for the same school or organisation
  • Available 24/7, you don't have to wait for business hours to request a quote, you can request a quote while watching TV at home
  • Web based application and mobile ready
  • No more faxes or phone calls and less paperwork for you
  • No obligation to select a quote and no cost to the customer
  • Cancellation capability, cancellation fees are subject to the operators' terms and conditions